PCB Design Guideline 1:DFM---Design for manufacturability Tips

1.The outline of the board edge should be shown clearly in PCB file,usually in mechanical layer or keepout layer.

1-1.The safe distance of the PTH hole edge to the board edge is 0.4 mm.

1-2.The safe distance of the via edge to the board edge is 0.2 mm.

1-3.The holes will be broken following drilling if they are not positioned an appropriate distance from the edge of the board. See picture for an example.

1.NC drill file (Excellon file)should be provided correctly.

2-1.For one layer board,all hols will be un-plated.For 2 layer or more,holes without copper annular ring in the file will be un-plated,holes with copper annular ring in the file will be plated.

2-2.Circles in mechanical layer or outline layer without copper,which also have no corresponding holes in the Excellon file (see Picture Three for an example),will normally be regarded as non-plated holes.