1. NPI Tech Support

Almost every PCB designer has had problems when a product has gone to manufacturing. They are often associated with manufacturing processes or yields, or with PCB assembly, and result in scrap or a lot of rework. When they occurs, modifications become necessary and the product is re-spun at the design level until a satisfactory match with the intended manufacturing process is achieved.This is not so surprising, given the laborious steps in a traditional design-to-manufacture process.First, the designer sends separate bills-of-materials (BOMs), Gerber files, component position lists, drawings, netlists, and other data in various forms and formats.Assembly, test, and production engineers take these go through many steps to recompile and rebuild a product model before process-level new product introduction (NPI) can begin.Next, the BOM and a set of assembly drawings (such as a mechanical drawing of an assembly panel showing the step-and-repeat configuration and all the dimensions necessary to define the panel) are sent to the fabricators. These contain the specifications and requirements needed by the manufacturer to deliver the correct product.A fabricator then recreates the drawing in a CAM system which is sent back to the designer for approval. And there could still be several further iterations before the designer approves the drawing as ready for fabrication, particularly if errors are found on it.

2. NPI Process

Step 1.File Input

Customer data

Part number

PCB file

Board specifications



Pick and place file

Special requirments

Step 2.Analysis & Issue Solve

NPI check

Data analyze

Manufacturability review

Issue report

File confirm

Panelization create

Process instruction

Step 3.Production & Delivery

PCB fabrication

Tooling fabrication

PCB assembly

Package and delivery

3. Additional Support

Our formal process for New Product Introduction guarantees prompt service and valuable feedback. We ensure that we have all the inputs and track each step as outlined abaove.

  • Pick and Place file(generate it from Gerber)

  • Completed BOM in fixed format

  • Panelization data

  • Stencil opening data          

For detailed information,please write to us for help.