PCB File Required & Checklist For Submission

1. File Required

For PCB fabrication: Gerber RS-274X format;ODB;Common EDA's like .pcb,.brd,Pls list your EDA software name and version to avoid conversion mistake.For PCB assembly,you need provide BOM & Pick and Place file.

2. Special Notice

To prevent unnecessary delays in processing your quote or order,please make sure:no layers are mirrored; If the PCB need to be V-grooved, the clearance to the edge of PCB must be 1/4 of the PCB thickness. For example, if the board is 1.6 mm thickness, the clearance must be at least 0.3 mm. If the PCB need not V-grooved, it means need to be routed (CNC), the clearance must be at least 0.2 mm. If your Gerber files are in RS-274-D format, then please include the aperture file.

3. PCB File Checklist

>Number of Layers

>Board Dimensions

>Board Thickness

>Board Outline (All cutout and milling is under this single Gerber layer)

>Drill File (Plated and un-plated 2 drill files are the prefered)

>Board Material

>Surface Finish

>Outer Layer Copper Weight (also known as Finished Copper)

>Inner Layer Copper Weight (if applicable)

>Solder Mask Color (if applicable)

>Solder Mask Type (if applicable)

>Solder Mask Sides (if applicable)

>Silkscreen Color (If silkscreen is required printed on borad)

>Silkscreen Sides (If silkscreen is required printed on borad)

>Layer Order (Also known as layer stackup)

>Readme.txt (optional, recommended)

All special requirements must be clearly shown on Fab Note or Assembly Note.Pictures or other project drawings is preffered.If you also want us to do Assembly job, please include following in zip file:

>BOM file (in excel format)

>Pick & Place file (also know as X Y data)

>Assembly Drawings(indicate polarity part's assembly direction,VERY IMPORTANT,you can mark it in other form )

>Other special requierment for assembly job